Thomson Webb & Corfield has a recognised reputation in the area of children’s law, attracting clients regionally and nationally in both public law (often referred to as “care proceedings”) and private law (often referred to as “contact and residence”) proceedings.

In public law proceedings we can advise and support parents during a difficult time. We can also provide legal representation for a child and via a professional Children’s Guardian ensuring the child’s interests are paramount.

Public law proceedings involve safeguarding and child protection issues where the local authority (social care) are looking to instigate proceedings in the family court to seek orders. For example, if they wish to place a child for adoption or with foster carers.

In private law proceedings, we act for parents or grandparents in disputes and applications for child arrangement orders to determine where a child is to live or for contact with another parent or family member.  These are often complex cases where there is sometimes an alleged risk of or harm to a child.

We believe in engaging fully with our clients and have good working relationships with the relevant agencies and authorities. We always act in the knowledge that the welfare of the child is paramount.

If you are dealing with issues regarding the welfare of your child, we advise you to get in touch as soon as you can. We provide help, support and advice, and take a moderating approach to ensure communication can continue between all parties.

Remember, no matter how things may look now, avenues can always be explored, and we in the Children’s Law team will endeavour to do all we can to ensure the best possible outcome.

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