S.W and S.S

Alison [Blackman]– I just thought I would get in touch to say your fantastic diligence in pinning down details of rights and ownership regarding access to our cottage has been hugely useful….  you were absolutely right to ensure that we were completely clear on who owns what and I just wanted to say thank you – your work has continued to pay off several years later.

Alison and Sue were calm, firm, encouraging and efficient to the point that our Cambridge purchaser, whose solicitor’s shortcomings were thrown into rather unkind contrast by Alison’s brilliance, wrote telling me ‘suffice to say, I have bookmarked your solicitor’s name for if I ever need a solicitor in the future.’ My husband shared her feelings, writing to Alison in full Bond villain mode ‘You are top of my list for when my human cloning machine is finally ready,  buuaaaaa-hhhhaaa’ and, as if Alison wasn’t a sufficient embarrassment of riches, we also had Sue on our side, who spotted that the Cambridge building society were too busy arguing with each other about how many signatures they needed actually to transfer our funds, and rescued our exchange of contracts just in the nick of time.

They are kind, smart and hard-working and are always a pleasure to deal with. If you ever need to call in the cavalry of conveyancing there is no-one finer to ride to your rescue than Alison and Sue.



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